GIRLS rule, boys drool

The sooner boys realize that girls run this world the better off we’d be. True story. That’s right I said it, and I wholeheartedly mean it! If only all the silly boys out there would not only openly admit this fact as truth, but embrace it. The world would be a much more wonderful place and far better off. I know I know, I can already hear the uproar looking to hunt me down and fiercely disagree with me or worse .. silly boys, Have at it.

boysHi there, boy here. Name Dave Haynie and aforementioned brother-in-law of our superstar blog host. 36 years old, truck driver, living in the heart of Texas (from Illinois), happily married with one child (7-year-old daughter). The following are some simple questions I’d like to propose, honest answers if you please boys…Who are truly the strongest people you know? Hmm 🤔 Ok, now the toughest? Kindest? Least selfish? Most caring and patient? Sense a theme?? They’re all cue the music Girls, Girls, Girls: mic drop.

This boy would have never ever survived child-birth. Ok ok, ya I’d survive it, but I would’ve for sure been bitching and moaning from here to Sunday about it. I remember the birth of my daughter at 3:15 in the morning and the crazy ass strength I saw my beautiful bride display.. No epidural! 😳 Seriously? Are you loco chica! I would’ve been like, heck ya shoot me up quick doc! Do it. Do it now, do it. Hurry! ::tears:: pleeeaseee……Then comes the middle of the night feedings, cry fests, endless diaper changes, bathing the kiddies, dressing them, the laundry, the dishes, the constant house cleaning, providing on the spot soothing health care, those countless doctor/dental visits, playdates and parent teacher meetings. Quick breath, WhewOk anyone tired yet?I am, and in most cases us boys haven’t even done any of it. Wonder who has been?? Yup, the girls.

Majority of boys aren’t leaping out of bed b-lining it to the crib at 3:04 in the morning after a long day of work with no sleep the night before and an alarm set to go off in less than 4 hours. Maybe, just maybe, it’s possible..on occasion…I might have once or twice been known to peek and see if someone was awake before me and heard the ruckus. Not saying, just saying. 😉

Holy bejeezus are we boys lucky for all the girls who brought us into this world and cared for us, and us first. When we were sick, hurt, sad, dirty, hungry, or scared who did we turn to? MOM. 💪 When everyone in the house is sick who’s stepping up taking care of all of them? Girls! You know that with even the littlest sniffle and ache dad’s all curled up in bed (guilty). While mom, who’s got the real 100+ degree fever is up and at ‘em, always, no matter what.


As I watch my little girl grow and see all that my wife does for our family I am more and more amazed at how this outlook grows more rooted and stronger in my mind. So boys with Mother’s Day ‘round the corner try embracing what one of my mantras have been in the latter years.. Try to always be self-aware, showing your genuine appreciation every chance you can. Not just on a day the calendar says so, e.g., Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, but any day. Hell, every day. Thank them, surprise them and share your gratitude with all the wonderful girls in your life and what they do for us boys. If it wasn’t for them we’d all just revert back to being a young child in most cases with nobody to cook for us, clean up after us, or make sure we have fresh laundry and do not live in squalor. Because after all it is GIRLS who really do run this world, and not us silly boys.

10 thoughts on “GIRLS rule, boys drool

    • hayniehawk says:

      🤓, ‘in my best Noah and Aaron voice’… Mmmmm thank you! Don’t know if I nailed it quite like you two but I tried 😉


  1. Gail Haynie says:

    This Mom couldn’t be prouder of the Man you have become. This was an amazing article and truly hope more men start to understand all that women do for their family.

    Liked by 2 people

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